Behaviour Management

School Safety

A safe learning environment is crucial and absolutely necessary.  Schools are a safe zone and it’s the teacher’s responsibility to ensure they remain safe both inside and outside the classroom.  

One way to achieve safety is to involve the students.  Teach them what constitutes safety and conduct a risk assessment of the classroom.  You could also move a class outside and conduct a risk assessment of the school grounds.  Students become familiar with safety both in and out of the typical classroom environment. This also encourages a safe learning environment when students are going between classes or having lunch, as they are now familiar with what is expected and considered safe.

In situations such as smoking, bullying and mobile phones within school grounds or in school uniform, students are given the (3) three strikes rule. Bullying in any manner is totally unacceptable.  Smoking is both illegal and unacceptable and mobile phones are unnecessary.  A pay phone is located at the office and in emergencies; teachers are able to make a call.

3 Strikes Rule

Managing Risks in School Curriculum Activities

Risk Assessment Template

Risk Assessment Matrix

Criminal Code Act 1899